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"Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change."

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Unexpected Momma's Boy

Last week, Shyne had Dad's Day at his pre-school. Only Daddys, Grandfathers, Uncles, other male role models were allowed to attend. Shyne apparently had made Billy a Father's Day card. It was so cute because Billy said from the moment Shyne gave it to him, he immediately started trying to give it to me!

Later that afternoon, he gave me the card and said he made it for me. Billy of course being in good humor about it but said "No Shyne, that is my card." Shyne thought of every reason in the world that the card should be given to me. He even offered to make Billy another one. We were getting a good chuckle out of this. Finally after about 20 minutes, Shyne rested his case and promised me that he was making me a card at school too. This morning, I was upstairs with one of the other kids and Shyne asked Billy if it was Mother's Day yet!

This little boy really loves his Momma! Actually when they came to live with us, I was told by their foster mother that he was always the distant one. She said that he was always just a little standoffish. I quickly observed that in the very beginning with Shyne. It worried me because I wondered if he would always be like that. He was standoffish for a while, at least two or three months. Then one day, I became the greatest person on earth in his eyes. He started constantly seeking my affection, confirmation, and praise. He was definitely the child that I was most concerned with upon placement. He has done exceptionally well in all areas and such a little cutie.

Oftentimes, he will sneak out of bed after everyone else in the house has fallen asleep. He knows that I'm the night owl in the house. I will look up and there he stands with the cutest little grin on his face. I love his natural smile, not the fake one when he is trying to smile, but his natural smile. It melts my heart every time. He likes to crawl up in my lap and for me to talk to him and just love on him. Sometimes, I even carry him around like a baby on my hip. Then after 5 or possibly 30 minutes, I send him back to bed. Shyne really needs that special time with me. Of course, I cherish those moments too!

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