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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Counting Our Blessings

I've been doing projects around our house like a mad woman for the last few months. Honestly, I don't know what has got into me! Don't get me wrong, it is great! While I manage to keep everything organized in the house, closets and garages have always been hard hat areas.

We have now had the kids 11 months. I remember last year sorting through their little clothes and wondering if I would ever be able to dress them the way I wanted to. I know that sounds shallow but it is true. I KNOW most people get some satisfaction out of seeing their children in a cute new outfit. You know, makes you want to take their picture and all. I obviously had those same desires but was so overwhelmed by how much other stuff they needed at the time.

I wanted to get their rooms decorated like kid rooms so they didn't feel like GUESTS staying in our formal guest room. I wanted them to feel at home because I knew deep in my heart this would be their forever home. With that came needing blankets, sheets, and mattress pads. Oh, lest we forget the twin beds themselves. Then there were the toys, books, toiletries, medications, school supplies and the list went on and on. How would I ever afford to dress them decently when we needed so much AND I just lost my job?

Fast forward 11 months.

The other day I organized Zippy's closet. I separated out the shorts, pants, capris, dresses into winter and summer, tank tops, t-shirts, outfits and so on. A lot of stuff I didn't even have on hangers. I've picked up a lot of clothes here and there while out shopping and buying used from individuals and consignment sales. After I got the closet organized, I stood there in disbelief how many clothes she has...just a mere 3 year old child. Literally, her good sized closet is full of beautiful clothes. Completely full. I counted 30 pairs of shorts and 15 skirts (a conservative count that only included only what fits her right now and what was not in the dirty clothes basket). Also, I have passed on probably 2-3 garbage bags of clothing that I didn't want to an underprivileged family. I didn't bother to count anymore because I felt ashamed that at one time that I felt so overwhelmed to now be so over blessed! God has been so good to us, no doubt.

I love to shop, really I do. But I'm giving it up for a while. We need nothing now which is good because I'm broke until a couple of these houses I have under contract close! LOL!

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