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"Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Saving Grace

People often times ask me what was the hardest thing to get use to going from a childless couple to a family of 5 over night. For me, it was definitely meal preparation and cooking! Billy and I usually ate out. Well, that just isn't feasible with 3 little ones. First of all, it is not healthy and costs a small fortune. Then during the school week, we simply don't have time on our side.

I had never been a cook. I always managed to mess up even the most simple recipes. Better yet, I NEVER had all the ingredients to do a complete meal. So in the beginning (and now), it really stressed me out thinking about feeding three little growing kids. Plus, I didn't want to load them up with a lot of processed frozen rubber...I mean food. So this meant that I would have to learn how to cook all while coping with all the other changes going on in my life.

So at 33 years old, I embarked on learning how to cook. Fortunately, the kids were not picky and loved almost everything! However my saving grace was getting a subscription to E-Mealz. I was recommended their website from an adoption forum that I frequent. Many of the mothers on there had tried it and recommended it. It is roughly $12 for a three month subscription. I select the grocery store that I want to shop and the meal plan and they post that week's menu and shopping list. The great thing about the E-Mealz is that they shop your store's sales ads for you and then compile that weeks meals based off of it. Their menu never goes over a certain dollar amount so you always know how much you should expect to spend each week on groceries. Plus they include a very detailed shopping list for you so you don't have to make any unnecessary trips back to the grocery store. I am forever grateful for E-Mealz and feel that it was truly Heaven sent to me. Now my family eats tasty balanced meals on a budget. Not only do I love but so does Billy and the kids. They are always excited to find out what we are having for dinner now! Check out their website at

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