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Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Wanna See My Room?

I really need to start taking more photos, really. I'm just not one of those Mom's with a camera stuck in my kid's face all the time. That REALLY gets on my nerves but I'm sure those photos will be much appreciated one day (and it makes for a much nicer blog)! Ok, I just gave myself a pep talk as I MUST try harder! However, I did take photos of our HOME today because we are putting it up for sale.

Anyway, I thought I would post some photographs of the kid's rooms. They are so proud of their little sanctuaries. I guess I can't blame them since life before foster care had them sleeping on the floor or in a playpen. Little Zippy always wants to show everyone her room. So as inappropriate as it is for her to ask the lawn guy to check out her room, I continue to allow it (of course while in my presence) because she is so proud and having a room means so much to her. Yep, MANY people have made the trek upstairs to see her little haven!
Yesterday, I took the kids for storytelling time at the library. I sat down beside a lady with three kids the same ages as mine. She asked me something about when they were smaller so I casually told her they were adopted. She perked up and asked "From where?" It just so happens that they that they are in the progress of getting their home study completed...for a foster-to adopt with their local Department of Family and Children's Services! They want a child of either gender up to 8 years old! There was so much I wanted to share with her but couldn't. I could tell she was over the moon to meet someone that had something GOOD to say about foster adoptions. Too bad we didn't get to talk more, after all we were at the library so we had to be quite! However, I have a feeling I will be running into her on more Wednesdays this Summer!

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